A multi-generational family farm since 1973

Our Roots Run Deep

Bizjak farms is a multi-generational family owned business. Established in 1973 by Louis and Maria Bizjak. Louis and Maria came to Canada from Slovenia in 1968 making their first home in Guelph, Ontario.

After working numerous jobs and learning to speak a new language, Louis and Maria felt ready to take on a new challenge. Louis always had a desire to work for himself and build a legacy for his family. In 1973 they decided to move out of the city to the rural community of Beamsville, which is in the heart of Niagara Greenbelt. They purchased a century home that had 14 acres planted to tender fruit, mostly peaches but also cherries, apricots, plums, apples and pears. Louis and Maria came to the farm with 4 of their children and the family continued to grow with a total of 6 children. Bizjak Farms became a staple at local farmer’s markets and after 30 years of farming the land, Louis’ son, Milan Bizjak, purchased the farm in 2002 when his parents were ready to retire.  Milan has worked diligently to transition the land from the more conventional approach his parent took to a more ecological, environmentally friendly, sustainable approach.

In 2014 Milan had an opportunity to purchase his new farm in Vineland, and was able to sell the family farm to his sister, Mimi Bizjak and her husband, Ignacio.  With this move Milan has been able to open a farm gate fruit stand and support the local community by providing fresh pick, delicious fruit.  Mimi, Ignacio and Milan, along with their children, now work both farms, pooling their resources together and supporting each other to grow healthy, delicious fruit.